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The desire to maintain our independence as we age while enjoying the comfort and familiarity of our homes is an inherent aspect of human nature. The concept of aging in place by creating living spaces that can adapt to our changing needs throughout life’s seasons aligns perfectly with this desire. With a blend of practical modifications and innovative technologies, your home can transform into a haven of safety, accessibility, and comfort.

Our belief is simple: every space we plan should not just meet an individual’s needs but should evolve into a universally appealing and functional design. At Freedom Design + Build, Inc., our guiding principle is the marriage of function and aesthetics. Our team meticulously incorporates universal design elements into every project that requests this design approach, creating homes where accessibility and aesthetics seamlessly coexist.

Designing your forever home is a unique opportunity to create a living space that caters to your present needs while also considering your future lifestyle. A forever home is not just a place to live—it’s a lifelong investment in your comfort, happiness, and independence. Here are some of the key benefits of designing your forever home:

Home Design Customized to Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle and personal preferences take center stage when designing a forever home. Love to cook? A gourmet kitchen could be part of your design. Prefer to spend your time outdoors? Consider integrating a beautiful deck or patio. Need a quiet space for work or hobbies? A dedicated home office or studio might be in your plans. Freedom Design + Build, Inc can tailor every detail, from the floor plan to the finishes, to suit your lifestyle.

Adaptive Home Design

A significant advantage of designing a forever home is incorporating universal design principles that accommodate aging, accessibility, or multigenerational needs. These design choices can include wider doorways and hallways for potential wheelchair access, no-threshold showers, lever-style door handles, and other features that increase accessibility. You can enjoy your home comfortably and safely for many years by anticipating your future needs.

Cost-Efficiency Over Time

While designing and building your forever home may require a substantial initial investment, it can lead to significant cost savings over time. You can incorporate energy-efficient features like high-quality insulation, solar panels, and smart home technology that reduce your monthly utility bills. Plus, by building a home that accommodates your future needs, you may avoid expensive remodeling or potential relocation costs later on.

Emotional Connection

Your forever home is where your heart is. It’s where you’ll create cherished memories with family and friends over the years. By designing your forever home, you establish a long-term emotional connection to a space that reflects your personal journey and growth.

Multigenerational Living

A forever home is flexible and inclusive because it can accommodate the changing dynamics of a growing family. Universal design is a cornerstone of multigenerational living, which seeks to accommodate family members across different age groups under a single roof. 

multigenerational living

Multigenerational households require spaces that are flexible, adaptive, and accessible to everyone, from young children to elderly grandparents. Features like first-floor suites, accessible bathrooms, ramps built into the landscaping or porches, and handrails make the home more navigable and comfortable for all residents, regardless of age or physical capabilities. So, when planning a multigenerational home, universal design principles are not just a benefit; they become an absolute necessity, helping to foster an inclusive, functional, and harmonious environment for everyone.

Universal Design: A Valuable Addition for All

Universal design extends its benefits to everyone, regardless of their specific needs. Our team navigates between the two primary standards of universal design, commercial tolerances outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the slightly more relaxed residential tolerances and our skill lies in bridging these standards, crafting spaces that are both inclusive and adaptive.

When we design and build custom spaces, we are able to suggest options to include  these standards into the project. We synergize award-winning designs with superior craftsmanship, resulting in structures that are not only timeless but also embody the principles of universal design. We take pride in recommending top-tier product lines, ensuring our projects aren’t just aesthetically captivating but also durable, standing strong against the test of time.

Designing your forever home with these benefits in mind ensures that your house becomes more than just a living space—it becomes a part of your life’s story, offering comfort, convenience, and joy for many years to come.

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When you choose Freedom Design + Build, Inc. for your project, you invest in uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail. Our signature 3-Phase Process enables us to choose the best design options, materials, budget, and schedule for your space. This thorough process ensures every detail is considered, promising a remarkable experience from concept to completion. As always, our universal design endeavors are marked by a wide-ranging vision, meticulous planning, and artful execution.

We’re ready to design and build a space that embodies universal design principles and reflects your unique style and vision. We can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with you, crafting a home that stands the test of time while fulfilling your present and future needs. Contact Freedom Design + Build, Inc. to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.

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