Home Renovations in Mclean That Enhance Your Quality of Life

Are you considering making renovations to your home? Maybe you’ve been eyeing some new marble countertops and have been longing to renovate your owner’s suite, or maybe you’re planning a total home renovation. Whatever the case, a home renovation will not only boost your property value, but it will enhance your quality of life. 

What are some of the most highly sought after home renovation projects? We’re sharing some of the most popular home renovations in McLean, Virginia

Modernizing Your Kitchen

kitchen design and build

Upgrading your kitchen is a popular choice for homeowners in Mclean. With its close proximity to Washington DC and two popular airports, the location has much to offer. However, some of the homes that folks are moving into are outdated and in need of an upgrade. That’s where the Freedom Design + Build, Inc. team comes in. If you are in a location that you love, our team can handle the rest and make your kitchen renovation dreams a reality. Don’t spend another year in a kitchen that steals your joy. You deserve to have a kitchen that truly is the heart of your home. 

Pro Tip: when you’re searching for home renovations near you, remember to look at your prospective contractors’ portfolios of work and websites to assess quality of work and the materials sourced.

Bathroom Remodels in Mclean

Bathroom remodels are another highly sought after renovation project. From main bathroom renovations, one of the most common renovations projects. Whether you’re modernizing the plumbing and putting in a state-of-the-art toilet with a bidet or updating tile and adding a new granite countertop and sink basin, all these additions and upgrades will add to the value of your home.

Adding an Addition to Your Home

Does your growing family need more space? Or perhaps your parents or in-laws are moving in and you want to create a separate space for them to enjoy. This is another type of renovation that will greatly improve the quality of your family’s life. There are many different types of home additions. From accessory dwelling units to kitchen bump outs and second story additions, the options are truly endless.

Luxury Outdoor Spaces

You deserve to love your outdoor living space just as much as you love the rest of your home. It’s such a great opportunity to get creative and turn your backyard into your own private resort. 

From custom swimming pools, to outdoor kitchens and fire pits, the Freedom Design + Build, Inc. will collaborate with you to achieve your dream design. 

If you’re looking to get an estimate for home renovations in Mclean, Freedom Design + Build, Inc. offers custom design + build services with a collaborative design experience

Ready to start your home renovation project in Mclean? Design + Build with us.

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