5 Reasons to Consider Revamping Your Outdoor Living Space This Year

Outdoor living spaces are areas in which we can congregate and entertain our guests at home while immersing ourselves comfortably in the outdoors. From beautiful hardscaped and landscaped gardens to swimming pools and cabanas to an entire outdoor kitchen and dining areas, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Revamping your outdoor living space could be just what your family needs to revitalize home life. Whatever your preferences,  an outdoor living contractor such as Freedom Design + Build, Inc. can help you make the vision for your backyard a reality.


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1.    Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space for Entertaining Family and Guests


Big into outdoor cooking or just entertaining guests in a comfortable outdoor area? Have you considered adding an outdoor kitchen and covered patio area for hosting dinner parties or to simply enjoy family dinners outside on nice summer days?


Hiring an outdoor living contractor to design and build the patio area you want is a great investment in your family’s happiness. As an experienced contractor, Freedom Design + Build, Inc., we can help you design an outdoor kitchen and patio dining space that fits your base aesthetic and intention. Freedom Design + Build, Inc. are also familiar with the ins-and-outs of all things zoning and permitting and can get your project off the ground and running quickly, meaning you’ll be enjoying your outdoor living space sooner rather than later.


2.    Shared Family Activities


Maybe you’ve been dreaming about the addition of a full-sized, heated swimming pool and poolside outdoor cabana complete with a heated towel rack or you’re wanting to create a mini-golf course for the kids (and let’s admit it, you’re a little into it too). Whatever you’re into, an outdoor activity space can really encourage the entire family to take their eyes off the television or smartphone screen and get outside. There’s no better way to keep your children close, so you know where they are and who they are hanging with!


Providing your family with an outdoor recreation space at home can encourage healthy activities. Consider building a treehouse with an obstacle course or finally getting that volleyball and area set up in the back corner of the yard. Hiring an exterior contractor to draw up that swimming pool design for you means that you’re taking these additions seriously. Exterior renovations are upgrades to your home and should be handled by a professional contractor with experience and know-how to get the job done right and with little fuss.


outdoor living contractor


3.    Boost Your Home’s Aesthetics and Make Things More Livable


Sometimes, it’s all about the look and feel of a space. Watering your garden encourages life to grow. Beautifying your backyard can even help elevate your mood. Our surroundings can have a profound impact on our lives. Many property owners will choose to pick up outdoor renovations because they are less invasive than an interior remodel and updating the style of your current patio or garden can go a long way. 


4.    Curb Appeal: Increase the Value of Your Home


There’s something to be said about curb appeal for the exterior of your home and while the “Keeping up with the Stepford’s” attitude typically refers to the visibility of your front yard, sprucing up your backyard can really increase the value of your home.


Landscaping and hardscaping can improve the look and feel of your backyard. A hardscape contractor who specializes in outdoor spaces design, such as Freedom Design + Build, Inc. will bring a level of professionalism and expertise to bring your creative outdoor living space ideas to life in a practical way. 


5.    Enjoyment of the Outdoors

The most common denominator of why homeowners choose to create, redesign, or completely renovate their outdoor space is simply to get more enjoyment of the outdoors. Creating an area for the family to recreate outside fosters a closer relationship with nature. 

Whether you’re building a new deck area and adding a small fountain and a backyard feeder to promote birdwatching or wanting to enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the sunset from a new gazebo, the commonality of fresh area and nature drive us to seek these moments. 

Interested in taking the leap and making your dream outdoor space a reality? Contact Freedom Design Build and build with us today!



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