Colin Brooks

Project Ambassador


Colin Brooks is a Project Ambassador at Freedom Design + Build, Inc.

As a Project Ambassador, Colin is one of the first people you may meet at Freedom Design + Build, Inc. He will meet with you and discuss your project in great detail, and will provide project costs both before and during the design process. During the construction process, Colin can often be found on-site communicating with our subcontractors, maintaining a clean jobsite, and taking photos to document projects as they develop.

Colin loves working with people, and working both at his desk and out in the field. “The interactions and relationships both with coworkers and clients is probably my favorite part,” explains Colin.

When Colin isn’t helping clients navigate the details of their dream renovation, you might find him at karaoke, skateboarding, longboarding, running, playing board games or video games, and watching television shows.

One fun fact about Colin is that he has an identical twin brother!

If he could choose one superpower it would be teleportation so that he could be anywhere he needed to be at any time!