Megan Dougherty

Executive Designer


Megan Dougherty is an Executive Designer at Freedom Design + Build, Inc. 

As an Executive Designer, Megan combines her passion for helping people with her love for design. The joy the final transformation brings our clients is important to Megan, but another thing she loves is when a design clicks into place. “It’s the moment I know it’s right, and everything just works. That feeling is so satisfying,” explains Megan. 

When Megan isn’t collaborating with our clients, she can be found hanging out with family and friends, reading, cooking, watching TV, or playing with her dogs. She also makes jewelry in her spare time. 

One fun fact about Megan is that her photo was in The New Yorker Magazine as a baby! 

If Megan could choose one superpower it would be the ability to control the weather/climate. “I think that would really come in handy right now…”