The safety of you, your family, & our teammates is our top priority at Freedom Design + Build, Inc.

With every project we implement our safety protocol that is followed meticulously by all team members. Safety is at the forefront of our minds before, during, & as your project is completed. Here is how we ensure a safe work environment.


Municipal Building Codes

Before any building work even starts, we check to ensure all our designs meet or exceed the minimum municipal building code requirements for your area. Every project is up to code, no exceptions.


Cleanliness is Prioritized

Construction can be messy, but that doesn’t mean we leave a mess behind. Overall jobsite cleanliness & organization is paramount. This means areas that aren’t being worked on will remain protected during construction so that completed areas will be well-maintained while the rest of the project is completed.

We require full dust protection & floor protection in effected areas throughout the build.

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A Jobsite Ambassador & Project Manager is Assigned To Your Project

We assign a jobsite ambassador and project manager to every project. Their sole responsibility is to maintain the highest level of jobsite cleanliness & safety. They conduct regular checks to make sure our protocols are being followed by our team & all vendors. Everyone is ultimately responsible for maintaining a safe job site. Whether that means minding extension cords or wearing a hard hat, we enforce all safety regulations for everyone’s protection.