Close-up of a small stepped waterfall and pool in a landscaped oriental garden


The key to a functional & aesthetically pleasing landscape is bringing together two of the most powerful elements: fire & water. 

Fire & water features add the perfect amount of sound, texture, & motion to stimulate the senses. The sight & sound of these ancient natural elements create a tranquil, relaxing ambiance & will accentuate a feeling of peace & togetherness for gatherings with your tribe.

It’s important that you utilize a professional to ensure cohesiveness with the rest of your outdoor space, as well as with your home.

 You want the new fire or water feature to flow well with the rest of the space, or if it is the focal point, then you’ll want the rest of your backyard to complement this feature.

Fire Features

Fire brings literal warmth to an outdoor space, of course, but it also brings a cozy sense of togetherness perhaps unlike any other outdoor feature.

Since the dawn of mankind, people have gathered around the fire and hearth to keep warm, to cook food & to spend time with their tribe. It is well known that the sound of the crackling of the fire soothes the unconscious mind as a primal instinct inherited from our ancestors who sought protection & community around the fire.

There are many considerations that our team will help guide you through, including size, placement, & type of fire feature to enhance your lifestyle. 

Types of Fire Features:
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Linear gas fire features
  • Torch or goblet fire features

Water Features

Achieve a sense of calmness & serenity with a custom water feature. Much like with a fire feature, you’ll want to consider the size, placement, & type of water feature. Depending on your desires, you may want to add a waterfall, fountain, pond, or other water feature to your outdoor space. With so many options to choose from it may feel overwhelming, but that’s why our team is here to help guide you through the options and make recommendations for you based on your preferences.

Our designs carefully consider the home’s sightlines, fencing, & the overall flow of the space to make informed decisions about water feature placement.

Types of water features:
  • Sheer descent waterfalls
  • Natural stone waterfalls
  • Koi ponds
  • Fountains
  • Deck jets
  • Laminar jets

Freedom Design + Build, Inc. - Quality Guarantee

Working with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. to create a custom water feature and/or fire feature means that you can expect the same broad vision, careful thought, & handcrafted design as with all of our projects. We apply our tried & true 3-Phase Process to thoughtfully determine best design options, materials, budget, & schedule for your water or fire feature. Every detail is considered, making for an exceptional experience.

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