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Create Fully Custom, Luxury

Create your own private resort experience with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. Our award-winning design team will guide you through a custom design experience, making recommendations on features, materials, & technology to ensure you fully enjoy your swimming pool & cabana.

Our Pool Company

When we design + build swimming pools, we strive to deliver the whole resort-style experience at home. With over 35 years of experience designing incredible swimming pools that turn ordinary backyards into a resort-style getaway, our team thinks through every detail, including privacy & intended use.

Your property & lifestyle will influence your pool’s design. There are several shapes, sizes, & materials you’ll want to consider, & our guides will be with you every step of the way to help you determine which options will be meet your tastes and lifestyle.

Some common types of pools include:
  • Classic pools
  • Vanishing edges or infinity pools
  • Natural pools
  • Freeform pools
  • Contemporary pools
  • Saltwater swimming pools

There are several technological conveniences you may want to consider, including advanced automation. How nice would it to be to clean your pool or control your pool pump remotely? Our team stays up-to-date on all modern technology & will provide recommendations based on your tastes & lifestyle.

Custom pool elements:
  • Tanning shelves
  • Custom entry
  • Luxury waterfalls
  • Heated swimming pools
  • Swimming pool lighting
  • Laminar jets
  • Stationairy swimming jet
  • Underwater speakers
  • Lazy rivers
  • Built-in hot tub spas
  • Grotto
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Raised bond beam walls
  • Pool deck jets
  • Plaster upgrades
  • Waterfall feature with boulders
  • Pebbled plaster to modify pool color
  • Natural wood pool decking
  • Paver pool decking
  • Natural stone pool decking
  • Diving boards
  • Water slides
  • Automations to control water temperature, cleaning, & more

Hot tubs

Incorporating a hot tub into your design creates a spa-like experience right in your backyard. Our team can work with pre-fabricated hot tub systems, or we can design something unique that can be integrated into your pool. With our creative team, your backyard design will be completely custom & unique to you, no design is off-limits.

Here are a couple of ways we can create a luxurious hot tub experience:

  • Custom lighting
  • Massage jets
  • Waterfalls
  • Speakers
  • Automations
  • Swim or exercise spa
  • Cooling capabilities
  • Molded seats


You don’t have to be a VIP at the Four Seasons to enjoy a poolside cabana! One important aspect of designing your ideal swimming experience is determining how the surrounding space will be used. A cabana is a half open, half closed structure that is usually adjacent to a swimming pool.

A cabana offers privacy, shade from the sun, & a space to relax & enjoy time with friends & family. Your cabana can be as custom & as extravagant as you’d like. If you love entertaining then perhaps you’d like a wet bar, mini-fridge, extra lighting, & televisions in your cabana. Or, if you’d like a low maintenance space to relax by the pool, then a high-quality cabana with drapes may be ideal based on your preferences.

When you go on vacation to a lovely resort, you fall in love with the pool because of the luxurious resort experience. The lush landscaping, interesting hardscaping, & flow is appealing. That is the experience we want to recreate for you at home.

Freedom Design + Build, Inc. - Quality Guarantee

Working with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. to create a custom swimming pool & cabana means that you can expect the same broad vision, careful thought, & handcrafted design as with all of our projects. We apply our tried & true 3-Phase Process to thoughtfully determine the best design options, materials, budget, & schedule for your swimming pool & cabana. Every detail is considered, making for an exceptional experience from design concept to project completion.

What our clients say

Yes, we build beautiful homes & commercial spaces, but our impact goes well beyond that. Seeing our clients thrive in their new spaces, & making a difference, are our passions.

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