7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Multi Generational Living

Why are so many people choosing to cohabitate with their families? Multi-generational living has become more and more popular—especially in the age of millennials. Sharing a living space with your family can be both cost-effective and rewarding. With rising cost of living, an ever-growing population, and housing shortages, generational living is quickly growing in popularity.

One of the reasons for the rise of the multi-generational household is the cost convenience of sharing a household with your family members. Whether you’re moving into an accessory dwelling unit on your parents’ property to cut down on living expenses or moving an aging family member into your home, it can be an adjustment integrating into a new living setup.

multi-generational living

Reasons to Consider Multi-Generational Living 

There are several situations where considering multi-generational living is appropriate. Here are seven of the top reasons why you might consider multi-generational living:

  1. You have aging grandparents or parents that would prefer to be in the care and vicinity of family over a nursing home or elder care facility. This can also help quell fears about elder care or older adult family members living alone.
  2. You have a tight-knit family and multi-generational living makes sense.
  3. Studies have shown that multi-generational living promotes closer bonds while having a positive impact on mental health (and health in general).
  4. Your adult children are having children and need some help getting on their feet or want to save money. Family members can help provide support and build closer relationships. 
  5. Older adults can find a sense of purpose with the younger generation living at home. This type of living situation also promotes cross-generational learning. Studies have shown reduced depression in older adults.
  6. Sharing housing costs among family members reduces the cost-of-living for all parties and provide financial benefits.
  7. Allowing the older generation to retire more comfortably. Retirement is a concern for older adults in the face of inflation. A multi-generational household helps alleviate financial burdens and makes retirement more feasible.

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

There are several types of home additions, and accessory dwelling units are grouped into that add-on category. While the term may be foreign to some, accessory dwelling units are not uncommon. They are additional living spaces that exist independently but on the same property.

You may have heard the term “mother-in-law” or “in-law suite” before—these are accessory dwelling units. Essentially, any apartment, cottage, or residential unit that serves an independent living space outside of the main house. Sometimes, these units can be conjoined (an example of this would be the addition of a separate annex or a living space above a garage).

Considerations When Hiring a Design Build Firm For An Accessory Dwelling Unit

 Before you commit to building an addition or renovating an area of your home, it’s important to access what your needs are. Creating a space for your daughter, husband, and new baby may include the addition of a nursery area and an entrance that’s easily accessible to the main house while affording the new family some space and privacy.

Conversely, if you are welcoming an aging grandparent or parent into a space on your property, whether in a separate unit or one adjoined to your home, you may have accessibility issues to consider. Accessible living units cater to individuals with disabilities and accommodate easier access for individuals with mobility issues or other disabilities.

Why Hire an Accessory Living Unit Contractor?

Unless you have extensive construction experience, you’re likely going to want to hire a contractor to build an accessory dwelling unit on your property. Hiring a contractor experienced in home additions and the construction of accessory dwelling units. A bonus: local contractors are also familiar with the ins-and-outs of local laws and permitting to keep things moving along smoothly.

Looking to contract a builder to construct an accessory dwelling unit that fits your needs? Freedom Design + Build, Inc. is an experienced contractor that can get the job done right. Our builders are skilled experts in creating home additions and will work with you to create a space that fits your needs. Interested in getting started on your accessory dwelling unit project? Contact Freedom Design + Build, Inc. today.

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