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When you are engaging in a large home renovation project in Arlington, VA don't forget to think about the little things along with the big things.

Working with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. we will work with our clients to make sure that everything is thought through with the homeowner's input.

When you are enlarging your master bedroom closet, it is easier to run extra wiring and install a light with a switch now instead of later. In longer hallways or at the top and bottom of stairs, it can be very helpful to have double switches so that you can turn on and off lights no matter what floor you are on.

An experienced home renovation contractor can help you to think of these things and it is easiest to incorporate them in the design phase rather than later in the middle of the project.

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A Holistic Perspective

We sculpt your home experience, inside and out, considering its whole impact on your life. How does this renovation reshape your living space and interact with your home’s essence and neighborhood? Most importantly, how does it reflect your taste? Freedom Design + Build, Inc. guides you to ensure the absolute best outcome.

A Tried & True Process

Our 3-Phase Process is designed to make your remodeling experience seamless. Our team takes the time to discover important information about your project up-front to reduce surprises & change orders. At the end of the day, your best interest is our top priority.

Getting Started

Our people are honored to be your remodeling guides & will navigate your experience alongside you from start to finish. Our team are experts in their fields, prompt communicators, & always follow through with what they say they are going to do. Actions speak louder than words, so we won’t say that we’re trustworthy or transparent, but you can bet that our actions will show it!

Arlington, VA Home Renovation Contractors

Arlington Home Renovation + Remodeling Services

Just because the home you bought so many years ago worked for you and your family then doesn't mean that you couldn't benefit from house renovation services.

Family sizes change, the needs of individuals in your family change, and you intend to use your house for changes as well.

It could be a kitchen remodel to correct damage and update to better construction materials, or it could be an entire addition to the home for an in-law suite or a home office.

The range of home additions is endless, whether that is converting an existing space or adding new space to your home. Music rooms, game rooms, home gyms, adding on to a kitchen, bonus rooms above a garage or in an attic space, and a host of other options are all possible.

When you partner with us you’ll have the opportunity to experience your design with the highest level of service.

Update Your Style With Home Remodeling in Arlington, Virginia

From adding tile in a bathroom to updating cupboards in the kitchen to creating a pleasing space for laundry and more, home remodeling projects are a great way to get the home that you always wanted in Arlington, Virginia. Working with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. to create a home addition or engage in home renovations means that you can expect the same broad vision, careful thought, & handcrafted design as with all of our projects.

When you are looking for a home remodeling contractor to work with, choose one that wants to incorporate your vision into the plans.

While originally established as Alexandria County, in March of 1920 the name was officially changed to Arlington County. No incorporated towns or cities lie within Arlington’s boundaries. Along with being the home of the Pentagon, the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima), Arlington National Cemetery, and the United States Air Force Memorial, Arlington County is home to approximately 216,700 people.

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