Kitchen Remodeling in Arlington, Ashburn, Great Falls, Haymarket, McClean, Vienna, and the Surrounding Areas

If you dream of having your kitchen remodeled in Arlington, Ashburn, Great Falls, Haymarket, McClean, Vienna, and the surrounding areas, you would not be alone. Kitchen remodeling is the most requested project for homeowners, and at Freedom Design + Build we want to help you create the kitchen that you have always wanted. Whether you simply want to upgrade some features of your kitchen or you want to revamp the layout of cabinets and more, our team will help you to accomplish this. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home & is the central location where many families spend the majority of their time together, it is important that this room serve your entire family. Talk with us today about what would make your kitchen more inviting and enjoyable.

Understanding Your Design Style

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the style you want for your kitchen is just as important as it being a functional space that suits how you use the room. Having the right amount of space for all of the kitchen supplies you use as well as appliances is important, but you also want the room to match your vision, whether that is a mixture of industrial and Scandinavian or you want a more modern look to everything. Understanding your design style will help us make your kitchen an appealing room to be in.

Kitchen remodeling often has a domino effect, where one change will influence another aspect of the room, forcing other changes to happen. For example, you may want to add a small island to your kitchen, but this will then necessitate that additional lighting be added for tasks at this new area, such as for meal prep or just enjoying a snack. And with the island the flooring will also change from what was there previously due to having less floor space to cover.

Technology Will Influence the Project

This would be technology that you would use in the kitchen after the remodel. For example, you may want to have a place to park an iPad that displays recipes or plays cooking videos. Having a place to plug in a charge your phones while keeping them out of the way may also be a desire. Part of the information gathering that we do is to understand how you currently use the room and how you would like to use the room after the project is done. Technology is an important consideration in these plans.

Kitchen remodeling is all about making changes that can transform a kitchen into a more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable space for cooking, dining, and entertaining in Arlington, Ashburn, Great Falls, Haymarket, McClean, Vienna, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at Freedom Design + Build to experience our 3-Phase Process that has

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