Custom Deck Builder in Arlington, Ashburn, Great Falls, Haymarket, McClean, Vienna, and the Surrounding Areas

Being cooped up in your home in Arlington, Ashburn, Great Falls, Haymarket, McClean, Vienna, and the surrounding areas gets old fast, and this is why most homeowners look for ways to add usable outdoor space on their property. Decks are common options and at Freedom Design + Build we want to be your custom deck builder. With nearly a decade working with clients and bringing their dreams and visions to life, we have a successful process that keeps our clients informed all along the way. As your custom deck builder our goal is to make your new outdoor space work for how you intend to use it, from an entertaining space to a relaxation haven. Contact us today to get started on your new deck design.

Reasons For a Custom Deck

While many times the image of a deck is an elevated space, usually from an upper story of a home, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Decks can be platforms that rest just above the ground and provide a stable and uniform surface that provides an area for many different activities. A custom deck builder will help to provide organization for your property with the placement, size, and shape of your custom deck. You will utilize more of your outdoor space making the property more valuable on a daily basis.

Many times a custom deck that is added to a home is meant for certain activities. In some cases it is used for outdoor dining and cooking with a grill or even an outdoor kitchen area. Other times as a custom deck builder we will make it suitable for a hot tub, or add outdoor lighting for use during the darker hours of the night. We work with our clients to provide them what they are after.

Other Benefits for Homeowners

While they may not be seeking it, home values increase when custom decks are added to homes, especially when the custom deck builder has years of experience like we do. A well-designed and thought out deck will definitely make a property more attractive. The materials that we use for our custom decks make them very easy to maintain without a lot of effort, and they will last for many years because of the highly durable materials we use.

Your deck is an extension of your home in Arlington, Ashburn, Great Falls, Haymarket, McClean, Vienna, and the surrounding areas and provides you with additional living space that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Working with an experienced custom deck builder like Freedom Design + Build means that you will have a space that takes into account how you will use the space while using materials that make it easy to maintain your new deck for years with ease. Contact us today to get started.

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