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Specialized Custom Homes

Partnering with you to design + build a home from scratch is a unique joy & honor. And nothing pleases us more than seeing a project through from its beginning concept all the way to the moment you’re handed the keys.

Our custom homes are fully tailored to your wants & needs, as you would expect from a true, fully custom service. Designing + building a custom home from scratch allows us to not only make use of a wider variety of building materials & technology, but to be able to deliver something that is planned for from the beginning with broad vision & careful thought.

Freedom Design + Build, Inc. can:
  • Utilize geothermal technology, which is a sustainable & eco-friendly HVAC system.
  • Design + build homes using interlocked compressed earth blocks.
  • Use natural wood & stone.
  • Shape the house design to the land it’s sitting on, paying mind to sightlines, area, & existing neighborhood architecture.
  • Optimize every aspect for energy efficiency.
  • Use any design style or blend styles or create new design styles to suit your tastes.
As with all of our projects, We implement our 3-Phase Process for custom homes.

Where other builders may give you a few design options to select from, we don’t play by those rules. We design + build custom homes, not stock homes. It is a privilege to be able to offer you an experience where you have the freedom to design without limits.

Freedom Design + Build, Inc. Quality Guarantee:

Working with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. to create a custom home means that you can expect the same broad vision, careful thought, & handcrafted design as with all of our projects. We apply our tried & true 3-Phase Process to thoughtfully determine best design options, materials, budget, & schedule for your new custom home. Every detail is considered, making for an exceptional experience. Our team can’t wait to begin designing + building with you!

Getting Started

We’re happy to work with you if you’ve already purchased a plot of land, or if you need help finding the best location for your custom home. We work with a team of real estate professionals specialized in helping you find that ideal location. We’ll follow the same tried & true 3-Phase Process, completing full due-diligence to determine the possibilities & offer realistic suggestions, plans, & expectations.

What our clients say

Yes, we build beautiful homes & commercial spaces, but our impact goes well beyond that. Seeing our clients thrive in their new spaces, & making a difference, are our passions.

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Freedom DESIGN + Build, Inc.

Since 2015, Freedom Design + Build, Inc. has been dedicated to creating truly collaborative relationships with its clients & offers an organic workflow that is fun & allows you to be free to express your most exciting ideas!