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Bespoke Home Renovations

Do you love where you live but find that your home is no longer meeting you or your family’s needs? Whether due to a growing family, or wanting to create a multi-generational home, the remodeling contractors at Freedom Design + Build, Inc. will ensure your new home is not only beautiful but also functions efficiently.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we want to find out what fits you!

Do I Need a Whole Home Renovation?

If you want to remodel more than half of your home, you likely need a whole home renovation. Our collaborative process involves getting to know you, & what you like so that we can help you understand exactly what your options are.

We use 3D visualization to help you actually see what your home renovation could be. We’ll swap out doors & windows, change layouts, & remove walls & add floors/additions for you to visualize. We can sit & work together collaboratively until we’ve landed on a design that speaks to your soul. And it should – you’ll be the one living in it, after all.

Our use of cutting-edge technology & ongoing communication will help us figure out your dream design. A few things you can expect:

  • A collaborative design experience.
  • Custom, designs that are unique to you.
  • Attention to detail every step of the way.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see our team in action. Keep reading for the story of Tra & Chris, a case study on preserving nostalgia while also making room for new memories.

WHOLE HOME RENOVATION in springfield, Virginia FOR TRA & CHRIS

Tra & Chris had recently married & were looking to start a family. They already had a large extended family that lived with them and they frequently hosted friends & family from out of town. Their home was a classic Northern Virginia split-level single family home, which they’d purchase from Tra’s parents with the intention of turning it into a space that could accommodate their multi-generational family as it continued to grow.

This home was near & dear to Tra’s heart as it was the home she grew up in as a child. Everything from the hill she used to sled down to the tree in her yard was still there. She wanted to maintain these fond memories from childhood while also blending in her & her husband’s current design tastes & need for space. They both created design idea boards & shared them with each other to get the design process started.

Chris and Tra had both studied architecture in college and knew this project was going to be special and include details that required immense creativity. They didn’t want the house to be bigger than it needed to be, but big enough to fit everyone. And they wanted the finishing touches to be refined and interesting.

The process took time, and there were several iterations during their collaboration with the Freedom Design + Build, Inc. team. Chris and Tra decided on a final design they loved and started Phase III of our 3-Phase Process.

Our production team maintained excellent communication & ensured a safe job site during the entire process.

The project had several unique challenges the team faced head-on, including:

  • A garage configuration that maintained the sledding hill.
  • A full remodel that still kept the overall feeling of Tra’s childhood home.
  • A full conversion of the basement playroom into a garage, which required excavating the front of the house.
  • A redesign of the exterior entry with a split foyer conversion
  • A new stairwell design that runs from the basement up to the second floor.
  • Reconstructed first floor to achieve 9-foot ceiling height.

The team collaborated with Chris and Tra to completely renovate their 1980s two-story Northern Virginia split-level into an elegant and eco-friendly home. The end result is a completely custom-designed whole home renovation that preserves special memories, but also leaves room for the family to make new memories together.

What our clients say

Yes, we build beautiful homes & commercial spaces, but our impact goes well beyond that. Seeing our clients thrive in their new spaces, & making a difference, are our passions.

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