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Creating Basements with thoughtful design

At Freedom Design + Build, Inc., we think about basements differently, & encourage our clients to do the same. Consider this perspective: think about your basement as the lower level of your home. No different than your mid level, & top level. It deserves the same thoughtful design. Your lower level can be as open, warm, bright, & inviting as you’d like.

Getting Started

Whether your basement renovation is a one-off project or a part of a whole home renovation, the process looks similar. You will go through our 3-Phase design process that includes full collaboration with you at every step of the way.
The most essential component to a functional, new space, is figuring out exactly how it is going to be used. Our team will ask guided questions to get to the heart of how you you want to use your new space.

Consider the following:

  • How are you going to live in the space?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What kind of organization will you need?
  • Do you want to optimize natural light?

The Basement is Your Playground

Basements are a unique level in your home, they have all of the fun rooms! We design your basement intentionally to be enjoyed in the ways that make the most sense for your family. Here are just a few ways we’ve turned outdated basements into fun lower levels.

  • Wine Cellars
  • Media Rooms
  • Movie theaters
  • Wet Bars
  • Virtual Rreality & Game Rooms
  • Home Gyms
  • Extra Bedrooms + Bathrooms
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Golf Simulator Rooms
  • Themed basements
  • Vaults
  • Recording Studios
  • Safe Rooms
  • Bowling Alley
  • Workshops
  • Conversation Pits

Freedom Design + Build, Inc. Quality Guarantee

Working with Freedom Design + Build, Inc. to remodel your basement means that you can expect the same broad vision, careful thought, & handcrafted design as with all of our projects. We apply our tried & true 3-Phase Process to thoughtfully determine best design options, materials, budget, & schedule for your new basement. Every detail is considered, making for an exceptional experience. Our team can’t wait to begin designing + building with you!

What our clients say

Yes, we build beautiful homes & commercial spaces, but our impact goes well beyond that. Seeing our clients thrive in their new spaces, & making a difference, are our passions.

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Freedom DESIGN + Build, Inc.

Since 2015, Freedom Design + Build, Inc. has been dedicated to creating truly collaborative relationships with its clients & offers an organic workflow that is fun & allows you to be free to express your most exciting ideas!