Tyler Tappan

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder


Tyler Tappan is the Co-Founder + CEO at Freedom Design + Build, Inc.

Tyler started his career in the construction industry as a carpenter & electrician’s assistant when he was sixteen years of age. Throughout his career & adulthood he has had a passion for creativity & design, as well as for systems process development & engineering. He began designing projects in his early twenties.

As Co-Founder + CEO of Freedom Design + Build, Inc. it is Tyler’s responsibility to manage the quality oversight of our operations from a marketing, sales, design, production, & administrative perspective.

Tyler enjoys personally contributing to & seeing unique designs & their subsequent projects come to life.

He also enjoys playing computer games online with friends & co-workers.

One fun fact about Tyler is that he is a patented inventor for the only artificially intelligent machine learning emergency response system.

If he could have one superpower it would be magic.