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We can't prevent ourselves from getting older in Great Falls, VA, but we can take steps to modify our homes to make living there as we age easier.

At Freedom Design + Build, Inc. we have worked with hundreds of clients who are looking at home renovations that will allow them an easier time in continuing to live at home as they age.

The list of house renovations that could be done in this regard is nearly endless but often starts with some basic and relatively easy changes.

Other renovation options can open up spaces and make them easier to navigate while taking into account that the use of a wheelchair or other mobility aid may be needed.

Contact our team today to work through home renovations that can be a huge assist to your future selves as well as others that may live in the home.

New Bedroom for Home Renovation Project in Great Falls, VA

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A Holistic Perspective

We sculpt your home experience, inside and out, considering its whole impact on your life. How does this renovation reshape your living space and interact with your home’s essence and neighborhood? Most importantly, how does it reflect your taste? Freedom Design + Build, Inc. guides you to ensure the absolute best outcome.

A Tried & True Process

Our 3-Phase Process is designed to make your remodeling experience seamless. Our team takes the time to discover important information about your project up-front to reduce surprises & change orders. At the end of the day, your best interest is our top priority.

Getting Started

Our people are honored to be your remodeling guides & will navigate your experience alongside you from start to finish. Our team are experts in their fields, prompt communicators, & always follow through with what they say they are going to do. Actions speak louder than words, so we won’t say that we’re trustworthy or transparent, but you can bet that our actions will show it!

Renovated Bathroom for Universal Design House Renovation Project in Great Falls, VA

House Renovations in Great Falls: Aging In Place

The truth is that people would much rather continue to stay in the home that they are familiar with.

To that end, there are many different home renovation ideas that can be incorporated to help make this happen. While small additions here and there could be helpful, larger changes to a room or two or to a significant portion of the home would go a long way in making the home safer and better. Widening the doorways throughout the home is a very common modification in home renovations.

You may want to look at widening hallways, or in some cases removing walls altogether to make getting around your home easier.

It can also be important to look at thresholds and how those can be problematic; making the floors are uniform with the same flooring can really help to prevent tripping. Bathroom renovations could include a curbless shower and expanding the room for more space to get around.

Home Renovation Contractors in Great Falls, Virginia

It can sometimes be a challenge to find a home renovation contractor that is willing to listen and work with you in Great Falls, Virginia.

At Freedom Design + Build, Inc. we're different because we encourage collaboration with the homeowners. The best design is the one that has the buy-in from the homeowners and that satisfies all of the needs that they have. Our team will work with you on our 3-step process to get the right home renovation plan for your needs.

Aging in place is getting more and more attention, along with future-proofing a home for alterations to accommodate a variety of potential needs. Great Falls lies in the Piedmont upland on the right bank of the Potomac River.

The Great Falls of the Potomac River, the community's namesake, are on the east side of the CDP. Although Great Falls is primarily a bedroom community for Washington, D.C., one major attraction is Great Falls Park which overlooks the Great Falls of the Potomac River, for which the community and the park are named.

Contact us today and learn more about all of the benefits of making adjustments to age in place in your own home.


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