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new construction Projects

Congratulations are in order! You’ve decided to pursue a new commercial construction project. We can’t wait to help bring your teams unique vision & talents to the world! A new commercial construction project is an exciting endeavor. Partnering with the right commercial construction company is essential to a successful project.

At Freedom Design + Build, Inc. we understand the importance of schedule & budget. We recognize that while construction is in progress, it’s impacting your potential revenue, & we don’t take that lightly.

By utilizing our 3-Phase Process we do our due diligence up front so that we can avoid surprises later on.

This tried & true process will result in realistic budget & schedules from the very beginning of our partnership.

We start each new construction project by determining what the use of the space will be. What functions will it serve? Who are your customers? Everything that we do is customized to your needs. We will collaborate with you to create an identifiable atmosphere & prioritize user experience.

What our clients say

Yes, we build beautiful homes & commercial spaces, but our impact goes well beyond that. Seeing our clients thrive in their new spaces, & making a difference, are our passions.

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Freedom DESIGN + Build, Inc.

Since 2015, Freedom Design + Build, Inc. has been dedicated to creating truly collaborative relationships with its clients & offers an organic workflow that is fun & allows you to be free to express your most exciting ideas!