Green Building

The Freedom Design + Build, Inc. team is committed to making sustainable choices that impact the world.

It is our responsibility as good shepherds of the earth, & for future generations, to reduce our impact on the environment.
The standard infrastructure of our design naturally implements a higher level of energy conservation & structural integrity.


Green Building Solutions

We offer a wide range of sustainable designs that offer visually-appealing, functional, & energy-saving solutions to homeowners.
From geothermal to solar, we offer numerous green building options to choose from during the design process.

green building2


One way we offer green building solutions is through the use of geothermal heating & cooling systems. These systems use the earth itself to either heat or cool your home. It’s an electric system that works by transferring heat between the earth & your home by means of running fluid through a loop of pipes situated beneath your home.


Solar energy is another option we regularly install to boost the energy efficiency of homes. Solar panels help to offset electricity bill costs for homeowners over time as well, so it winds up being a solid investment alongside being a sustainable & earth-friendly choice.

Interlocking Compressed Earth Blocks (ICEB)

We strongly advocate for the use of interlocking compressed earth blocks in construction through Cured Earth. These dirt blocks are a cost-effective & eco-friendly building material that are locally-sourced, disaster resistant & hypoallergenic. Whenever starting a new build or a whole home renovation, we consider using ICEB for these reasons.

Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

From where we source our materials, to the insulation of your home, & windows and doors, one of our primary considerations is the reduction of our carbon footprint. We use non-damaging environmental resources & stay up-to-date with the latest green building materials, tools, & methods so we can educate you on your options. Sometimes, it’s the seemingly small decisions that have the biggest impact on the earth.