International Impact

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Designing and building a community center in Zanzibar to provide a place of education, creativity, & wellness for the youth.

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Green Building Solutions

We offer a wide range of sustainable designs that offer visually-appealing, functional, & energy-saving solutions to homeowners. From geothermal to solar, we offer numerous green building options to choose from during the design process. Specifically, we strongly advocate for the use of interlocking compressed earth blocks in construction through Cured Earth. These dirt blocks are a cost-effective & eco-friendly building material that are locally-sourced, disaster resistant & hypoallergenic.


Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

Another priority is to reduce our impact on the environment & in turn, reducing yours. We accomplish this by using non-damaging environmental resources & keeping up-to-date with the latest green building materials, tools, & methods so we can educate you on your options.

Sometimes, it’s the seemingly small decisions that have the biggest impact.